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Christmas it's only August..

Christmas it's only August..We are getting our Lladro Christmas Stock in place and it is amazing Trimming the Tree,

Santa Claus and lot of angels.

Lladro Trimming the Tree 5897

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Military newbies

Military newbies
Military WW2 and WW1

I have been searching and have
WW1 Trench Art
British and Belgian medals
Spikes and bayonets WW1, WW2 and earlier

Soon to come!

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2017 fresh new look Military section

2017 fresh new look Military section2017 has come very quick and it is already the end of January.

I have over hauling the website and catching up on the 200 items that we have ready to put on, it is a slow process but an enjoyable one.

We have a new  Military section on our online shop that I will be adding to I have WW1 and WW2 relics, I am an avid collector myself so expect to see some great items.
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Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year


KCSceramics wants to say a big thank you for being customers for 2015.
And looking forward to you being customers in 2016.

Last year was a bit of a roller coaster, as other things took over and the business did not grow as much as I wanted it to.  But I am back on track and I have a warehouse full of Lladro, military and Royal Doulton to add to the website.  The only thing is where to start well here goes I am off to Costcos to get myself a top camera, new photography equipment tomorrow.  I want to show you the quality of the items we have here and that requires investment.  Just the same as when you invest to get your collect bigger, larger and more profitable.  I have to do the same for 2016, my camera is 5 years old and that is ancient, it still does a great job but not as good as the new digital bridge camera I have my eye on!!

Do you photograph your collection and inventory it, is the quality of the pictures amazing.  If not what would happen if your collection was stolen or got broken, and you had to show the photos of your items.  Are they recognisable from the photographs or do you need to upgrade your inventory.  Don't wait until it is to late!
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Summer is here?

Summer is here?Summer antique fairs..

Where will you be going this summer?  

Antique fairs galore Swindon, Kempton, Newark and Ardingly to name a few and I am not a name dropper!  lol!

It is an abundance of goodies to be had at these fairs, the dealers are smiling as they can see you all swarming in to try and grab a bargain and the public that is 'you' will be searching for that gold mine that will change your life, it's exciting and thrilling at the same time so grab you coat, hat and umbrella and get your shorts out just in case it is a scorcher that day and have a look to find a large outdoor/indoor antique fair and join the thousands that get up very early to grab that bargain.
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Peterborough Festival of Antiques

It is that time of year again!!
Get those dusty walking boots out, wrap up warm and bring your flask of tea....  

As Peterborough Festival of Antiques is on the 20th and 21st March with over 1700 stalls both inside and out it is well worth a visit!!
20th March opens at 7am
21st March opens at 9am

Bring Plenty of money as the Cash Point machine charges £1.99 and runs out of cash
We are in the Excel center opposite the main entrance with the big KCSceramics sign and the 400+ pieces of Lladro figurines on display.

++++++++++++++++++++++++You can not miss us surely+++++++++++++++++See you all soon++++++++++++++

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