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Redesigning KCSceramics website

Step by Step how did we achieve this site and what's my aim? 

SEO .. Headache Lladro

LLadro figures Okay!!
Just thought I would update you on my headache nightmare that I have been having with the LLadro SEO nightmare, I read all the literature and decided to go about updating the SEO for the Lladro site, well I gradually started seeing the numbers dropping and could not understand why 'you' was not view my items, what had I done wrong??

LLadro should have been easy to optimise but does take a great deal of time so I started on my list:
Lladro Twitter - tick
Lladro Facebook - to do
Lladro URL - Nightmare need two heads and six arms
Lladro ALTS - tick or so I thought no I had read it wrong and now need to go through hundreds of pictures and rename them all..

And that is only have the list so here I am at work again ploughing my way through my list and getting no where!!

Christmas please hurry up I can do with a rest, oh sorry that's our busiest time..

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our customers  2014 this is an exciting Year with lots of change and expansion of the  business with new ranges of Antique and modern Jewellery, I am also looking at vintage handbags and other ranges every day l am looking at something different remember to visit frequently. 
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Christmas is Here and Jewellery is on the List

Christmas is Here and Jewellery is on the ListLet me Wish all our Customers a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year, here I am on Boxing Day and not being able to rest adding new ranges to our website we use to only buy Jewellery and then sell to the trade but for the first time we are selling to our customers, I am adding some solid silver Watches today with precious jewels Sapphires, Rubys, Crystal, Turmoine, Amethyst, Ruby, Citrine, Topaz they are beautiful to the eye.  To be added also is some 925 silver watches with genuine leather straps by Gems watches, others to add are SOLSUNO, Swatch and a deep diving watch. 
There are exciting Ladies watches and a few mens watches to add to the site, the beautiful gold jewellery that is to be added is antique broaches, gold Opaz rings and a large cameo it is exciting and there will be more stock added daily so please do keep looking every day to see what is to be added to our new site.
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Its Live and Kicking

Its Live and KickingYes the website is Live and up on the Net I still have to amalgamate the exsisting domains to the new server but I am pleased it is up and running, now SEO everyone lets optimise this site to blow the Antiques and Collectibles world away, I have an amazing amount to add which includes an early 20th Century childs Western Saddle which is elaborately decorated and some unusal donkey reins from the 1970s.
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It's ready, oh no!

It's ready, oh no!It's not ready yet!  I was poised to launch on Thursday l even thought tomorrow may be within reach then you realise all the other things that you have to do tomorrow l now have one hour and Thursday has been filled with dentist, child's open evening and family Christmas meal, so that's Thursday well and truly over with.   
I am putting a lot of hard work into this and l am ahead of schedule but l want it finished before Christmas so l can concentrate on selling and buying which is my biggest passion, fingers crossed that all will go smoothly..... 

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It's harder then you think

It's harder then you thinkThis is day 7 of the redesign of the Antiques website and another problem all the photos are on my laptop and you've guessed it l have got my iPad, so this is why l am writing my blog as l cannot add any more pictures, l could have got it done by the design studio for £1000.00 but l work to hard for my money to give it away.  So here l am slogging away and learning quick, l used to work with computers in UNI but things move so quick it's hard to keep up with the technology, it's ironic l sell antiques and collectible my latest find a 18th Century kerchief and here l am struggling with the latest in web design, you have to laugh!! 
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