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SEO .. Headache Lladro

LLadro figures Okay!!
Just thought I would update you on my headache nightmare that I have been having with the LLadro SEO nightmare, I read all the literature and decided to go about updating the SEO for the Lladro site, well I gradually started seeing the numbers dropping and could not understand why 'you' was not view my items, what had I done wrong??

LLadro should have been easy to optimise but does take a great deal of time so I started on my list:
Lladro Twitter - tick
Lladro Facebook - to do
Lladro URL - Nightmare need two heads and six arms
Lladro ALTS - tick or so I thought no I had read it wrong and now need to go through hundreds of pictures and rename them all..

And that is only have the list so here I am at work again ploughing my way through my list and getting no where!!

Christmas please hurry up I can do with a rest, oh sorry that's our busiest time..

Created On  19 Nov 2014 17:12 in Redesigning KCSceramics website  -  Permalink


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