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The Services We Provide



We offer a multitude of specifically tailored services to suit all manner of individuals and circumstances, if there is something you need do not hesitate to ask - I am confident that we will exceed all your requirements.


Collection Valuation

Kcsceramics takes pride in our ability to travel all across the United Kingdom for our clientele, we will give you an honest and fair valuation of your collectables.


Commissioned Sales

We will happily advertise, value, and sell your collectables using our services and connections.


Insurance Verification

We offer a legally recognised authentication for your valuable goods and collectibles.


Deceased's Collection

We here at Kcsceramics understand the difficulties of parting with a loved one, having to decide what to do with their possession is not easy. With the utmost care, compassion, and respect we can help you to evaluate your options.


Collection Purchases

Kcsceramics takes pride in its ability to purchase very large collections from our clientelle, if you have a large collection we have the capacity and dedication to take it on.



Whether your collectables and paintings have imperfections, or are just aged, we will work to restore them to their prior beauty.

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