All About US at KCSceramics!

KCSceramics started 20 years ago as a family business and I am happy to say it is still within the family with myself, my husband and now our son joining the business.  We have gone through the trends of Troika specialists, Poole specialists with hundreds of items in the height of the Poole craze which has now settled down. 

We still sell these but have moved onto Military WW1 and WW2 which is a passion of mine and more antiques are creeping in mix.  Lladro came in the mix as my mother loved them when we took them to Spain so we ended up selling them as well. 


 Troika Wheel Vase Blue


We look for something different, that is quality and that we can sell you as an investment, we don't overprice and always want to give our customers the best deal that we can.  We will help you with your collections and information on the items that you choose and can supply you with an insurance certificate that you can use with your insurance company in case of a breakage. 

Insurance Certificate for broken pottery


With the new website for 2020 and lots of changes in direction of items bought and sold it is an exciting time that I am looking forward to.